October Winner – Playstation PSP: Wound

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ESPAÑA Madrid, Spain
General Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés
Creative Director: Vicente Rodríguez
Art Director: Fran López
Copywriter: Vicente Rodríguez
Photographer: Jesús Alonso
Published: September 2011

2 Responses to “October Winner – Playstation PSP: Wound”

  1. Well that’s what we call strong consumer insight! Probably the target market of this campaign will smile a little, showing how playing psp can make you forget sometimes. 😉

  2. Michael Gannouni says:

    This is using a consumer insight. But isn’t it using a negative consumer insight?

    First of all, what is the insight? To me it is: ‘PSP absorbs you, detaches yourself from reality for a moment.’ Doesn’t this lean to close to addiction?

    Ok the insight is used for a positive end result, but to me it’s using a bad thing of the PSP for a good thing for the mother.

    Maybe that is the purpose of the campaign, target mothers and say: “this will keep your kid quiet.”

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