Loducca: Twipsum

URL: http://twitteripsum.com

Created by brazilian agency Loducca, Twipsum is an experimental website that generates filler text based on tweets. It works as the ‘old’ Lorem Ipsum, used in graphic design to demonstrate font and typography on the layout before putting the real text content. To get a custom Twipsum filler text, just type a Twitter account and the system will pull all words from the latest tweets and create the paragraphs for you to copy and paste into your comps. If you don’t use Twitter, the website suggests the accounts of famous people for you to play around. You can also hear parts of the filler text through Google Translate.

Advertising Agency: Loducca, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guga Ketzer, André Faria, Cassio Moron, Marco Monteiro
Creatives: Mariana Rocha, Mauricio Machado, Raphael Franzini
Designers: Gustavo de Lacerda, Dude Tallia

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