Grey Group Asia Pacific Partners with Bobby Chinn in Eye on Global Asians Seminar at Spikes Asia Advertising Festival


Celebrity Chef, Restauranteur, Author and TV Presenter Discusses his Road to Global Culinary Success with Nirvik Singh.

SINGAPORE, 5 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Leading communications company Grey Group Asia Pacific announced today that its second Eye on Global Asians seminar at the Spikes Asia 2011 Advertising Festival will feature celebrity chef, restauranteur, author and TV presenter Bobby Chinn. The session, which will be held on Tuesday 20 September (2pm Singapore time) at the Seminar Theatre at Suntec Singapore, follows last year’s well-received seminar with internationally acclaimed magician Cyril Takayama.

Larger than life and highly engaging with his own inimitable style, Chinn is a celebrity chef who is truly global. Born in New Zealand to a Chinese father and an Egyptian mother, he was schooled in England, and honed his culinary skills under top chefs in San Francisco, Bordeaux and Paris, as well as under both his grandmothers. Based in Vietnam for the past 15 years, he runs the iconic, internationally lauded Restaurant Bobby Chinn in Hanoi. The restaurant is now located within his house, and working with the Blue Dragon organisation, Chinn recently converted much of the operation into a training ground for disadvantaged children. At the same time, he is in the midst of opening his new flagship restaurant in the heart of District 1, Saigon, the process of which is being filmed as a TV series with Discovery TLC.

Chinn is also the host of a number of popular culinary TV shows, including the highly rated World Café Series on Discovery Networks. One of the top programmes for the network across the region, the series has led to Chinn being honoured twice as Best Entertainment Presenter at the Asian TV Awards. In addition, he has made numerous TV appearances worldwide, including on the Martha Stewart Show, Talk Asia on CNN, Adventures in Brunei and Saturday Kitchen with Antony Worrall Thompson, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Good Food Live for BBC.

At the regional advertising festival, Grey Group Asia Pacific’s Chairman & CEO, Nirvik Singh, will discuss with Chinn about his road to global culinary success and draw parallels to the creative and communications industry.

Chinn said, “After having lived, studied and worked in various industries in different continents, I eventually discovered my passion in the kitchen. I embraced poverty, humility and accepted failure in the pursuit of love. I generally blend techniques, ingredients and inspiration found through my extensive travels, and sometimes stumble onto some pretty good dishes. I continually strive to create and recreate classic dishes that transcend borders, that are sometimes unique yet familiar. My starting point in most things I do is to start with the attitude that everything is possible, never be afraid to appear stupid and you will never stop learning, which will provide the foundations to not fear failure but embrace the learning process. I look forward to sharing my experiences and enjoying a stimulating creative exchange at Spikes Asia.”

Singh said, “Bobby’s journey in the culinary world is more similar to that in our world of creativity and communications that we might think, whether we are fuelling our passion, searching for inspiration, developing and executing innovative ideas, engaging with a discerning audience or exploring new media and markets. Our seminar will no doubt unveil delightful insights into the fascinating and unconventional mind of Bobby.”

Following on Grey Group Asia Pacific’s highly anticipated annual Eye on Asia study, the agency aims to get up close and personal with successful and creative global Asians in its Eye on Global Asians seminars to uncover what drives their passion, their influences and motivations, the trigger points that inspire creativity in them, as well as their winning strategies and how they have successfully branded themselves on the international stage.

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